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Commercial Real Estate Facebook Group

Group Created by Michael Beaudry
Owner - Logic Impact Group

Are you a Real Estate Agent that needs help with Commercial Real Estate? Are you a Residential Agent interested in learning more about Commercial?

I started this Facebook group because too many new commercial real estate agents fail. Residential agents struggle to enter the commercial field full time. The group was created for you even though you may not know who you are. Failure comes quick, but I am committed to fighting back and changing the stats. You're now with a group that cares!


A little about me, I own Logic Impact Group a Commercial Real Estate Coaching and Consulting & Business Consulting company. I have been active in Commercial Real Estate since 2003 when I started a property management company. I’ll share stories and all the interesting types of experience I have but he’s a general idea. Real Estate Investor, Liquor Store Owner, Cigar Store Owner, E-Commerce Store Owner, Business Consulting, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and a few more.

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