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Past Projects

Project Management
Business Consulting
Cigar Store and Lounge

At our consulting firm, we understand that every business is different, and that is why we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a client who was starting a new business - a 3,600 square foot retail cigar store with a lounge. Our team helped the client define their goals and worked alongside them to develop a strategic plan to achieve their vision.

With a construction budget of $400,000 and a $50,000 consulting budget, we were able to ensure that our client had a successful first year in business. We carefully assessed their unique situation and developed a plan that included everything from construction management to marketing strategy.

Through our guidance, our client was able to open a beautifully renovated store that was specifically designed to meet the needs of their customers. We provided ongoing support throughout the process and helped them navigate the challenges that come with starting a new business.

Overall, we are proud to say that we helped our client achieve a great end result, and we look forward to continuing to provide tailored solutions for all of our consulting clients.

Due Diligence
Commercial Purchase
Fraud Discovered

Through our comprehensive due diligence process, we were able to save our client from a costly mistake - the purchase of an 8 million dollar industrial building fraught with fraudulent activity.


While the transaction was initially progressing smoothly, our team was able to identify several red flags and dug deeper to get to the truth. One of the key components of our due diligence assignments is speaking with anyone who has previously or is currently involved in the property.


During a two hour interview with an individual involved in the purchase, we uncovered several critical issues that would have been disastrous for our client if the transaction had gone through. Our attention to detail and thorough approach to due diligence allowed us to protect our client's interests and ensure a successful outcome.

Cannabis JV Opportunity

In this acquisition of a cannabis company, our consulting team played a crucial role.


Our collaboration with multiple clients throughout the process serves as a prime example of our team's ability to work together and deliver exceptional results.

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