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At Logic Impact Group, we believe that every business has the potential to succeed. Our unique approach to consulting, combined with our specialized expertise and proven track record of success, makes us the go-to partner for businesses looking to unlock their full potential. We offer a range of consulting services, including:

  • Strategy Consulting: We work with you to develop a clear and actionable strategy that aligns with your business objectives and helps you achieve long-term success.

  • Operational Improvement: We help you identify areas for improvement and implement changes that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

  • Crisis Management: We provide expert guidance and support during times of crisis, helping you navigate challenging situations and emerge stronger.

  • Project Planning: We help you plan and execute projects, ensuring that they are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

  • Business Growth: We help you identify growth opportunities and develop strategies to drive sustainable growth.

  • Artificial Intelligence: We help you leverage the power of AI to enhance your business operations and gain a competitive edge.

  • Technology: We help you adopt and implement technology solutions that improve efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences.

  • Marketing: We help you develop and implement marketing strategies that attract and retain customers, increase brand awareness, and drive revenue.

  • Problem Solving: We help you identify and solve complex business problems, leveraging our expertise and experience to deliver results.

We understand that navigating the complexities of business can be challenging. That's why we're here to ease the load off your shoulders from day one. Whether you need help with business analysis, project management, or crisis mitigation, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support whenever you need it.

If you're interested in learning more about how our business consulting services can help you achieve your goals, we encourage you to book a discovery meeting with us today. During the meeting, we'll discuss your unique needs and explore how our expertise can help drive your business forward.


At Logic Impact Group, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in reaching their desired outcomes. Whether you're looking to grow your business, leverage the power of artificial intelligence, adopt new technology solutions, or solve complex problems, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

Our business consulting services are designed to provide tailored solutions that align with your specific goals. We offer a range of consulting services, including strategy consulting, operational improvement, crisis management, project planning, business growth, artificial intelligence, technology, marketing, and problem solving. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to develop effective strategies and implement actionable recommendations that drive measurable results.

In addition to our business consulting services, we also offer social media marketing services to help you increase brand awareness, engage with your target audience, and drive business growth. Our social media marketing services include strategy development, content creation, community management, and analytics reporting.

To discover how our business consulting and social media marketing services can help you achieve success, visit our Services page for more information.

Paul Cutler, RI

"I am currently in Logic Impact Groups On-Demand Business Consulting. I am creating a side business with their help and having the ability to send message anytime with questions or asking for feedback is great."

Mike Anderson, CA

"Mike is outstanding at what he does. 10/10 will be going back to him for future business needs as I couldn't have asked for better guidance through this process."

Brian Wilcox, CT

"Hiring Logic Impact Group to set up and manage my Google Local Service Ads was a game-changer for my small business. Thanks to their expertise, my business has grown significantly and I've been able to connect with new customers in my area. The process was easy to set up and transparent. I highly recommend Logic Impact Group! ”


At Logic Impact Group, we believe in a clear and structured approach to helping our clients achieve their goals. Our process involves the following key steps:

Discovery: We work closely with you to understand your business objectives, challenges, and opportunities. This includes a thorough assessment of your current operations, market position, and competitive landscape.

Strategy Development: Based on the insights gathered during the discovery phase, we develop a customized strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We provide actionable recommendations to improve your operations, marketing, and overall business performance.

Implementation: We work with you to implement the recommended changes and improvements, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the process.

Monitoring and Optimization: We monitor your progress closely, tracking key performance indicators and making adjustments as needed to ensure continued success.

At every step of the way, we prioritize collaboration, transparency, and measurable results. Our goal is to help you achieve sustained growth and success through a tailored approach that meets your unique needs.

Why partner with Logic Impact Group

  • Expertise: Logic Impact Group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. For example, we have successfully helped businesses in a range of industries, from startups to established companies, to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Our team includes experts with diverse backgrounds in business growth, artificial intelligence, technology, marketing, and problem solving. We leverage this expertise to provide valuable insights and recommendations based on industry best practices and our experiences working with other companies.

  • Fresh perspective: Logic Impact Group is not emotionally invested in your business, so we can provide an objective perspective and help you see things that you might have missed. For instance, we have helped clients identify blind spots and untapped opportunities in their business operations, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

  • Increased efficiency: Logic Impact Group can help you identify and address inefficiencies in your business, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. For example, we have helped clients streamline their processes and systems, resulting in improved workflows and reduced operating costs.

  • Improved decision-making: Logic Impact Group can provide data-driven recommendations and help you make more informed decisions about your business. We use cutting-edge tools and techniques to analyze data and provide actionable insights. For example, we have helped clients optimize their marketing strategies by analyzing customer data and providing insights into consumer behavior.

  • Professional development: Working with Logic Impact Group can help you and your team develop new skills and improve your business acumen. We offer customized training programs and workshops designed to enhance your team's skills and knowledge. For example, we have conducted workshops on effective project management and provided training on new technology solutions to help clients stay ahead of the curve.

  • Flexibility: Logic Impact Group can be hired on a project-by-project basis, so you can get the support you need without committing to a long-term employee. This allows you to leverage our expertise and resources as needed, without incurring the costs of a full-time employee. For example, we have worked with clients on short-term projects, such as crisis management or marketing campaigns.

  • Thinking outside the box: Logic Impact Group can bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table, helping you think outside the box and find creative solutions to business challenges. For example, we have helped clients develop new revenue streams by leveraging emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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