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Commercial Real Estate Space for Lease

If you're a tenant in search of space, feel free to explore our extensive listings and reach out to us using the form below. For property owners who would like us to showcase their property, please use the form below to contact us and include a note in the comments. We regularly update this page, but if you require space that is not currently listed, kindly complete the form below.


Enfield CT Size Estimated Rate Notes
Moody Road 1,800 Sq Ft $2,500 NNN New Construction, Multiple Spaces
25 Palomba Drive 3,000 Sq Ft $5,000 NNN Retail 
76 Palomba Drive 1,375 Sq Ft $1,375 NNN Retail or Office 
481 Enfield Street 10,000 Sq Ft $12,500 NNN Retail
4 Niblick Road 5,000 Sq Ft $4,200 Gross Warehouse, Clear, Drive In 
215 Moody Road 250 Sq Ft+ $350+ Gross Office
215 Moody Road 10,000 Sq Ft+ Varies Warehouse, Load Docks
Vernon CT Size Estimated Rate Notes
33 W Main Street 5,590 Sq Ft $3,725 Office, Discount for Non-Profit
33 W Main Street 7,750 Sq Ft $5,000 Retail, Creative, Open
33 W Main Street 2,530 Sq Ft $1,700 Retail
33 W Main Street 2,500 Sq Ft $1,000 Basement Storage
Westfield MA Size Estimated Rate Notes
395 Southampton Road 18,032 Sq Ft   Medical Office, Can Sub-Divide
395 Southampton Road Build to Suit   Lot is behind property
Root Road 920 Sq Ft  Coming Soon 22 Contractor Bays, Bathroom, Auto
Chicopee MA Size Estimated Rate Notes
Warehouse Coming Soon 4,800 Sq Ft+   Multiple Spaces
Windsor Locks CT Size Estimated Rate Notes
5 National Drive 150 Sq Ft $700  Retail, Office
5 National Drive 300 Sq Ft $1,000 Retail, Office
5 National Drive 600 Sq Ft $1,500 Retail, Office, Salon
5 National Drive 1,700 Sq Ft $3,200  
Agawam MA Size Estimated Rate Notes
270 Main Street 4,500 Sq Ft $4,500 Gross Office, Open Space
South Windsor CT Size Estimated Rate Notes
52-58 Connecticut Ave  6,250 Sq Ft $4,200 Office, Warehouse
1209 John Fitch Blvd 150-750 Sq Ft $750-$1,500 Gross 6 Office Spaces
Middlebury CT Size Estimated Rate Notes
900 Straits Turnpike 200-300 Sq Ft $500 Office
Berlin CT Size Estimated Rate Notes
124 White Oak Drive 200-300 Sq Ft $400 Office


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Welcome to Logic Impact Group, LLC, your trusted partner in navigating the commercial real estate market. Specializing in commercial spaces for lease and tenant representation, we are committed to connecting businesses of all sizes with their ideal commercial premises. Our mission is to empower your business with the space it needs to flourish and grow.

Prime Commercial Real Estate in Desirable Locations
At Logic Impact Group, LLC, we understand the importance of location for your business success. Our carefully curated portfolio features commercial real estate in highly sought-after areas, ensuring your business benefits from strategic positioning. Whether you're in the market for an upscale office space, a retail shop in a bustling area, or a functional industrial unit, our team caters to various business needs and objectives.

Tailored Leasing Solutions and Tenant Representation
Our approach to commercial leasing is centered around flexibility and advocacy for our clients. Logic Impact Group, LLC provides personalized lease terms and dedicated tenant representation, ensuring your business interests are prioritized throughout the leasing process. From negotiating favorable lease conditions to advising on market trends and legalities, our expertise is your advantage.

Amenities That Enhance Your Business Environment
Each commercial space in our portfolio is selected for its potential to elevate your business operations. We offer properties with top-tier amenities and modern features that cater to efficiency, employee well-being, and customer satisfaction. Logic Impact Group, LLC is committed to finding spaces that not only meet but exceed your business requirements.

Professional Guidance from Industry Experts
Choosing Logic Impact Group, LLC means partnering with a team of seasoned real estate professionals who are dedicated to your success. We guide you through the complexities of finding and securing the ideal commercial space, offering insights into local markets and ensuring a leasing experience that is smooth, informed, and tailored to your needs.

Empower Your Business with Logic Impact Group, LLC
Let Logic Impact Group, LLC be the catalyst for your business's next chapter. Explore our listings to find commercial spaces that promise growth and success. With our expertise in commercial leasing and tenant representation, your business is positioned to thrive in its new home. Discover the difference with Logic Impact Group, LLC today – where your business's future is our priority.